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Threat Adaptation Strategies & Know-how

Threat Adaptation Strategies & Know-how, or T.A.S.K., is the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group’s exclusive training program for acute active violence.  T.A.S.K. was first conceptualized and created by Founder and Principal, Mr. Jin Kim, while still serving as the FBI’s Active Shooter Subject Matter Expert.   Based on decades of practical analysis and professional examination of the modern day active shooter phenomena, Mr. Kim recognized the profound practicality gaps of linear and “one size fits all “ methodologies for a vast segment of our society.

In our dynamic world comprised of diverse people, there is no simple and easy solution for everyone but there are solutions in everyone.  T.A.S.K. is the universal solution that can be adopted by everyone and specifically designed to align common institutional response protocols and the realistic reactions people have when subjected to acute active violence.

There is a reason why T.A.S.K. has now become the preferred training solution for every industry, sector, and field.  T.A.S.K. is for Everyone and Everywhere.

Founder and Principal

Jin Kim

Founder & Principal

Mr. Jin Kim is a widely regarded Subject Matter Expert and Material Practitioner in Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Risk Management. Mr. Kim retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2018 and is a twenty-three year veteran of the FBI’s New York Division. He served as the Active Shooter Coordinator on the Crisis Management Unit and was the leading authority directing active shooter and workplace violence risk mitigation for the FBI’s corporate programming and private sector partnerships.
As the Founder and Principal of the PerSec Academy & Advisory Group, he has the privilege of collaborating and directing a group of world class advisors and team members to provide unparalleled professional expertise and tailored solutions for the complexities of today’s world.

Brands Jin Kim has proudly served


Jin Kim is one of the most exciting and engaging speakers I have ever seen...his training is regaled by the university community as a must see for an active threat incident.  He leaves audiences with actionable information and an enhanced feeling of personal preparedness.

Emergency Manager


Jin is a subject matter expert on surviving an active shooter attack. His presentations are highly effective, engaging, and appropriately tailored to the audience. His lectures provide practical, useful tips for the average listener, beginning with situational awareness and progressing to the active measures needed to survive in a crisis. Highly recommended!”


Ivy League Public Safety Executive

Captivating, informative and eye-opening...those are the adjectives I'd use to describe Jin Kim's active shooter presentation.  It is a scenario that is often discussed in the abstract, but Jin Kim cuts through in his descriptions and his recommendations to give a clear picture of what people should do if ever faced with an active shooter threat.  I've sat through several presentations dealing with this subject, and they are usually dry and unclear.  Jin Kim is just the opposite; even several years after I experienced his presentation, I am still struck by many of the recommendations he made and descriptions he used....I highly recommend enlisting Jin Kim!

Jessica Schneider


Jin Kim is a once-in-a-generation training professional.  With equal measures of eloquence and sensitivity, his life-saving words of survival are nothing short of transformative. I have witnessed his tour de force captivate audiences and prompt critical consideration of situational awareness across a broad spectrum of attendees.  As a keen observer of law enforcement training, I am familiar with the leading figures in the field of crisis response and active assailant threat assessment. Jin richly deserves his reputation as the FBI’s subject matter expert par excellence.  Quite literally, he is without peer.

Prof. David M. White

Seton Hall University School of Law

I highly recommend Jin Kim!  I've had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Jin.  He is a true Subject Matter Expert and an industry leader in active shooter and workplace violence mitigation!

Donna Chapman

Director of Security Consultant Relations Assa Abloy

I have experienced Jin Kim provide training to law enforcement personnel, security officers, and your everyday citizen. He conveys a powerful message with exceptional expertise in a manner that is clear and effective to all in attendance.  Jin delivers active shooter and workplace violence training and guidance that is unmatched.

Robert Wilson

Director of Security JFGMW